Sam Tigh 2017 Ornament


Sam Tigh is the GM we all know and love from d20Monkey. He is on a bit of a break right now, but he will be back behind the screen someday. For now, this ornament captures Sam's image at the holidays, elf hat on, drinking coffee, and reading from his Karthun binder. Happiness.

This 3-inch ornament is printed on durable white acrylic and is ready for hanging on your tree, mantle, desk lamp, keyring, mistletoe? You set the hook and get to hanging! I have it on good authority that hanging this ornament up will grant you a +2 to EVERY dice roll. Trust me.

The 2017 Ornament Pre-sale runs from November 15th thru November 24th. On November 25th, no more orders will be taken for 2017. So, order early to make sure you get your ornaments for the season.


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